Thursday, January 29, 2015

What a Weird and Snowy Week

My little city officially got 23 inches of snow in the blizzard. What's funny to me is that there was less snow on top of my car yesterday than there was last Saturday, because that snow came down and stayed, whereas the blizzard blew everything around so much, I only had an inch to maybe three inches on top of the car. Of course, the snow then sloped down over the windshield and across the hood, and practically straight across to the fence, so I had to dig out the whole front of the car. But not much on the roof!

It seems as though our not-so-snowy winter is over now, as we go from snow last Saturday, to Tuesday and the blizzard, to more snow tomorrow and another storm coming on Sunday. Oof. It's supposed to be 4-8 inches tomorrow, so I already was doubting I would be getting in to work, again, when I got the call tonight: office closed tomorrow. I'm grateful that all this is happening when work is very slow, so I don't feel too much pressure to get in at all costs. And perhaps they will give us laptops before much longer, so that I can work from home in future, when there is work to do and snow in the forecast. (Corporate policy apparently does not give editors laptops, but that policy was set in southern California, where they don't have many snow days, so we're hoping to get a workaround somehow.)

Meanwhile, although my hands thankfully aren't as painful today, my hips are still very sore. I think my shoulders would complain vigorously if I tried the throw-snow move right now, but for regular use they're doing okay. I try to keep stretching them out.

Ow. You want this snow? You can have mine.

Meanwhile, the Bruins are finally playing again tonight, after the all-star break. Go Bruins! Off to knit and watch.


  1. The mayor's blog on the City Hall website has a list of high-school students who will happily come shovel for you! Not for free, of course, but we just paid $15 to a kid who polished off the heap of snow at the end of our driveway with enviable energy.

  2. I seriously do not understand the mindset about not supplying laptops for telework. That's just nuts.