Monday, January 26, 2015

Home and Waiting to Hunker Down

The office closed early today, and will be closed tomorrow at least, and possibly/probably a day or two beyond (the boss said she sent a message to corporate headquarters, which is in sunny southern California, with a link to a forecast, and said, "That."). I had a chiropractor appointment at 5, but they let me come in early instead of going out again later, so I am now home, adjusted, and ready (or as ready as I can be) for the feet (feet!) of snow that are coming.
  • Jugs of water? Check.
  • Food, for me and the cats? Check.
  • Candles and matches? Check. (Also a little flashlight and batteries, and a larger charger-type flashlight, whose charge would hold for a while, anyway.)
  • Radio and extra batteries? Check.
  • Cell phone fully charged? Check.
  • Prayers that the power doesn't go out, or that if it does, it comes back on quickly? Check.
One of my coworkers this morning was saying that she "didn't know what [she] would do tomorrow", which had me kind of at a loss. What will I do? Sleep in, play with the cats, poke around the internet, knit, read ... I don't think I'll get sick of any of that before this is over (and all of it except the interneting can be done without power, too). It's like a bonus weekend during the week, and I am all on board for that. Without "I'm not working" guilt, even , since we're so slow at work that we're doing training and studying and things. Perfect.

Of course, I'll also be shoveling around the car periodically, but I'm sick of that before it starts, so it doesn't count toward the good list. Pass the ibuprofen, and stay safe.


  1. Jealous! And, yes, what is UP with that co-worker of yours? "Gee, I don't know WHAT I'm going to do with a day off at home, surrounded by all my stuff and the Internet. Can't think of anything..."

  2. We lack a radio. Or jugs of water. (We have plenty of drinking water though.)

    I'm just dreading the shoveling, since Jeff will be working from home, and probably won't have any time to shovel until after 7 tomorrow night! I'll do what I can, but...