Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Baby, and Sock Progress

"You think I don't know whose picture keeps showing up on Facebook?"
"Not mine, is it? Unless you're making fun of me. For caring."
"Fine. Whatever." Sigh...

It feels later than it is; I'm still not used to what the time change does to sunlit hours, and dwindling light before 4 PM is disconcerting. But it means I have some time left this evening, and I am done with the laundry at last (and kind of never want to walk up stairs again, but today at least, I don't have to), and the Bruins managed to win this afternoon too.

I even managed to finish the purse sock, since I realized this morning that it was close enough to make it less than helpful for tomorrow, when I'll have knitting time between sessions that I'd rather not spend trying to find a place to try on a sock and see if it's time to start the toe. This is where it was this morning:
And now that one's done and the next is started, ready for the purse. (The yarn is one of the ones I got in San Francisco, Annapurna from A Verb For Keeping Warm, and it feels very cushy; I look forward to wearing it.)

I also photographed two pairs of finished socks, as I finished the last purse socks and the last bike socks almost simultaneously. It was funny, to be feeling like I just turned a heel as I turned a heel. Mind you, I started the purse socks on September 28, and the bike socks on May 20, so it's only at the end that they synchronized. (And mind you too, the first pair of socks I knit on the bike took me 9.5 months, and the second pair, 9 months, so 7.5 is better, and I will expect pair four to be better still.)

Purse pair, in Glamour Gams from Bittersweet Woolery:
And bike pair, in Fleece Artist's Somoko:
What I found really interesting is that, although they are similarly sized, they took very different amounts of yarn. I always weigh them, to keep track of how much yarn I have left, and they took 67 and 92 grams, respectively. Big difference! Can't wait to see how differently they wear.

And, yes, I started new bike socks, since I can hardly ride the bike without knitting. As if!
The yarn is Classica, by Mad Color Fiber Arts, and it's maybe a bit darker than it looks here, black and red rather than red with darker bits. Bike knitting under the Ott light is a good way to work with dark yarns.

If I'm going to get on the bike tonight, after all those stairs, I want a little rest and stretch first, so pray excuse me. Have a happy weekend!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

I aspire to one day knit socks as fast as you do. And I love that black-and-red yarn! I bought a little Ott light on Friday, so I can actually bust out the darker sock yarns.

2:52 PM, November 16, 2014  
Blogger Leslie said...

This can't be your blog, CCR. There are NO blue socks! huh????

Congrats on the speedy completion of your bike socks. You're an inspiration.

4:20 PM, November 16, 2014  

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