Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Still Here! Doing Fine!

I am so happy to report that I still have power, and have had it all day even (she said, knocking wood in a vigorous and superstitious way). It's hard to say exactly how much snow we've gotten here, since it's very light, powdery stuff, and the wind is quite strong, but a foot or more, anyway. Thus there are drifts and bare spots, and even the usual car status photos have failed to convey the full effect.

Last night at 8, when there were only flurries, and remnants of Saturday's snow.
This morning at 9, not at first glance looking all that different, right? Not much on the car, anyway.
But look how deep it is on the neighbor snow-blowing. Knee-high, maybe? Oh.
I went out twice today and dug out parts of the around-the-car area, but given both the blowing conditions, and the fact that our plow guy hasn't been back in a while, decided that was enough until tomorrow. Sufficient unto the day is the snow thereof. I got a call confirming that the office is closed tomorrow, as I guessed it would be, so there's time.

For knitting, and audiobooks, and reading ... speaking of which, I got Randall Munroe's book What If? out of the library, and in addition to being entertaining and (in its own oddball way) informative, it gave me this lovely word: apricity, meaning the warmth of sunlight in winter. I love this word. He says it's his favorite word; it might be mine, too.

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