Friday, January 23, 2015

Heading into that Weekend

Today has been a pretty good day, really.
  • It's Friday.
  • We got a free lunch at work (along with a 2015 kick-off meeting, but it was fairly painless, and hey, lunch! and lots of leftovers, so I got another couple of meals out of it).
  • I learned when I got to work that we got performance bonuses for 2014. Pro-rated, since most of us weren't there a full year, but still, unexpected money is always good.
  • This afternoon, we played a round of medical-word-origin Jeopardy, which caused much laughter and a little learning.
  • I took myself to Outback for dinner, with a bonus gift card* and a coupon from the paper. Little money, good meal, more delicious leftovers!
  •  I stopped in at the mall and, although I was unsuccessful at finding a purse**, I got my free chocolate at Godiva, and ran into a friend of a friend I haven't seen in a while and did a little catching up (I can't believe her son is 7), so not a wasted stop.
  •  Although it's supposed to snow tomorrow (boo), that does highlight the fact that I have not spent January constantly shoveling, like, say, last year.
  • And I got a few groceries after the mall, and the store was not a mob scene, nor were they out of bread and milk, so that's another win.
*They generally have a gc sale at the end of the year: buy $100 in cards and you get a $20 bonus card to be used in the first 6 weeks of the next year. Free money! Or free steak, anyway.
 **It seems I am the most picky person ever; it's frustrating to know just what you want and don't want, but not be able to find it. Also, I remember Le Sportsac bags from when I was a kid--when did they become high-end? I almost choked when I saw one for about $100.

And now I'm going back to that double-knit hat experiment I alluded to last night, and watch the NHL All-Star draft hoopla on TV. Happy weekend!

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