Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer's End is Not All Bad

Monday night was stitch and bitch. Last night, my only errand was to pick up a book at the library, but I had a bunch of stuff to do and fell into bed at 10 wondering where the time went.

And tonight? Hockey time! I went to see the Bruins rookies play an exhibition game against the Islanders rookies. Hockey time! It was awesome! And I'm exhausted! And wired! Yikes!

Many, many photos to come. But not tonight.

Oh, all right, one.

Guess who won the game? :)

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Kali said...

Go Team!

There is a Bruins fan here at work in the newer crew. I am not the fan you are, but I follow the basics because of you.

The visual verification thing is kinda funky at the moment. No image at first but when I post, it says I failed the word verification and gives me something to verify... um... what?