Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick Takes

Friendship Sweet!

G-mail is having some weather confusion this week. When I have my e-mail open, their page has a background image of my local weather, sunny or gray or rainy or whatever. But yesterday it showed thunder/lightning when it wasn't even raining, and last night and today it showed snow, when again it isn't. Weird.

It's no news to me that I don't tolerate even small pains well. But I broke a nail tonight, down close to the fingertip, and man did it hurt! Surprisingly ouch for such a small thing. (Picking up dry cleaning may be hazardous to your health.)

I love when someone leads me to fun stuff I didn't know about. Thanks, Carol!

As you can see from the program of the concert I went to last weekend, Carol of the Bells is a favorite of mine. As are the Muppets!

As for the Carol of the Meows, I foresee a holiday category on the new MP3 player...

I have a dry throat/cough thing going on, though I feel perfectly normal otherwise. (Perhaps I should say "as usual" rather than "normal" though.) I think it's just from the dry air. I had a sore throat for, oh, about 3 or 4 days recently, and now this irritation. The joys of winter. I have two small humidifiers running around the clock, and still it's so dry.

Miri says Meow!

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