Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Half-Way Through the Long Short Week

You guessed it: still so tired.

Overall, the whole family-holiday period was great, no regrets, but one of the things that made it less than 100% perfect was that I felt slightly under the weather much of the time. The main problem was congestion (nose and throat), along with a (thankfully sporadic) cough that was hard to tame. I was and remain grateful that the illness* never got debilitating, so it didn't ruin the holiday, but I'd rather have been without it, no doubt.

*Am I sick? Just congested from winter's dryness and cold? Who knows?

And though the holiday is now over, the congestion is not. In fact, today it reached truly disgusting levels, going straight past "self-conscious worry that I am disgusting others" and firmly into "I am disgusting myself". (I will spare you details, partly because it makes me dry heave just remembering.)

This is not fun. The cough is less disgusting, but it is (literally) disturbing. As in, the other night, disturbing the kitty who had been curled up most sweetly on my hand, so that's not fun either, for her or for me.

But it was all good. And happily, my mother did not have to suffer through today's bitter, bitter cold (on the radio tonight, they said it was 14 degrees, and with the wind chill felt like -15).

I am happy for my mother, that she is back in the land of the heat index. After all:

funny pictures of cats with captions

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