Sunday, October 05, 2008

AP 0, Boston Globe 0

And the Associated Press screws the Globe, which doesn't even notice.

Kessel, Bergeron score in shootout for Bruins' win
October 5, 2008

WASHINGTON—Phil Kessel and Michael Bergeron scored shootout goals, carrying the Boston Bruins to a 5-4 win against the Washington Capitals on Sunday night that wrapped up each team's preseason schedule.

Who is Michael Bergeron? There are currently two Bergerons in the NHL. Marc-Andre plays for Minnesota, and Patrice is the Bruin. You know, Patrice Bergeron, my favorite player? Hello?

I give credit to Fluto Shinzawa, one of the Globe's hockey writers, who of course got it right in the Bruins blog. But I hope either the AP or the Globe corrects the other one. Sheesh.

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