Thursday, November 15, 2007

UFO no more!

A long time ago, I was knitting a sock, and even though it was a second sock, it was still moving along on the teeny-tiny needles very nicely, was in fact virtually done, when we had an Unfortunate Incident on the ferry.

I wasn't ready to deal with it (so close! where did the stitches go?), so I let it sit until I felt like tackling it. In truth, I might have taken it to my stitch and bitch group to deal with it while there was moral support around, but it's a dark blue yarn and the lighting where we meet is just not that good.

Tonight, for some reason, I said, "I'm ready!" and pulled it from its spot of languishment. There were only a couple of stitches that I could find floating free, so I tied them up firmly, and hoped for the best. And if the toe is not perfectly kitchenered, this way I can tell which was the first sock and which the second.

Oh, you want to see?

(I am not the first to mention that photographing one's own feet is an interesting proposition.)

A visit from the inspector general:

He likes it!

He rubbed all over it. Perhaps saying he likes it may be an exaggeration (he likes attention), but still, it felt like a seal of approval.

What shall I do with the remaining yarn? It's Schaefer Anne, and there's quite a bit left. Hmmm.


  1. I have an evil skein of Shaefer Anne that took me a week to wind into a ball because it was so badly tangled. It's been thinking about what it did ever since. I'm working up to knitting with it. It was too expensive not to use.

    Nice socks. I was wondering about them recently, actually. I remember the ferry incident.

  2. Congratulations! It is SO nice to wear your own socks and lift your leg up to thrust them in faces for a show-and-tell. I had an image of a dog doing their business just then, but it has been a long day and I do not hold myself responsible for the images that flash across my mind's eye.

    Nice socks!

  3. Buy more, knit more socks, and eventually you will have enough for stripey socks :)

  4. Finally! Congratulations.
    I wish my cats photographed as nicely as yours.