Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not Much (yawn), Watch the Video

I ... don't have much tonight. It is rainy and windy and icky out, and since I decided that I Was Not Going To Let That Stop Me from running errands, I got all wet and cross and tired Dealing with it. And given that I was already so tired, so isn't it Friday yet tired, well. When I was trying to remember how to do something at work that I did one week about two months ago, I was overwhelmed with weariness for the whole thing.

However! So as not to leave you with nothing, here's a song I heard, not for the first time, on the way home. I like this song! It's bouncy! You know, it's got a good beat, I can dance to it. Google tells me that the group is Hot Chelle Rae (never heard of them), and the video tells me that they are fairly tragically young, but I suppose I can't blame them for that. I like the song.

Not that I'm alone in that. The video has more than 18 million views on YouTube. All right then.


goosefairy said...

Thanks for the video. It started my day out right! :D

Kali said...

I remember this! Love it!

They promised us a nice day today. Where is it??

Kate P said...

I remember seeing this video a couple months ago on VH1 some morning and being baffled that it managed to sound good and be completely inoffensive at the same time. Good pick!