Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Was Meant for a Life of Leisure. You?

All this work nonsense lately has me thinking: I wasn't meant for this. I was clearly meant to be someone who did not have to earn a living. What about you?

I haven't got much on my mind other than the work thing lately, and you know how that's making me feel. Tomorrow I have my "three"-month review (it's actually been four months, but whatever), so I'm hoping for an open discussion that will leave me feeling like we're heading in the right direction (hint: the direction that doesn't end at the funny farm or back at the job search), doing what needs to be done to improve the situation. Time will tell. I'm going to a little girl's birthday dinner after work, so at least there will be something good about the day regardless.

Meanwhile, can I send you elsewhere again? Specifically, and again via Boing-Boing, may I recommend the Men of the Stacks calendar? There are some hot librarians out there, raising money for a good cause. Who wants one for Christmas?

A book makes a surprisingly good fig leaf, doesn't it?

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Clumsy Knitter said...

I actually like working. A lot. I like being productive and feeling useful, and I like being able to carry my own weight. There are certain JOBS that I have hated, and I would rather not work than be in those situations again. But I really would like a job and I can't get hired to save my life (overqualified for most positions). But the grass is always greener and so on.

Good luck with your review tomorrow. I hope you get some sort of positive resolution.