Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Cup, and (last) Friday in PEI

This morning I had an e-mail from a friend, forwarding a message she received that the Stanley Cup would be in a nearby town today. What?

And that is how I was about 15 feet from history today.

The gentleman you see is Harry Sinden, who has been involved with the team for years. Here he is, for instance, with Bobby Orr and the Stanley Cup, some 40 years ago.

It was fun to see the Cup again, and so many people excited about it. Pretty funny too that the Bruins rookies were starting training camp on the same day. This is the first summer I haven't had hockey withdrawal before camp started. Weird.

Now, I have one last day of PEI to show you: last Friday, when we went to see some of the eastern end of the Island.

It's beautiful there, too. Who'd have thought?

Our first destination was Souris, to tour the historic lighthouse there.

You can climb to the top, if you don't mind small, steep spaces.

I do, a little, but it was worth it. I ducked through this door:

And I do mean ducked.

And had quite the view down.

And out.

The water was fairly calm, but we did spot one breaker. See?

Going down the stairs was almost worse than up. I had to do it quickly, without thinking about it. And backward. Urp!

Then I read this message.

And looked at what they're calling a chair.

And my climb didn't seem so bad.

They have a large exhibit of sea glass, for so small a space.

I enjoyed the lighthouse, but wasn't sorry to get back outside again.

Did you know that falling off a cliff can be dangerous? Learn something new every day.

My mother offered to take my picture from the ground, if I wanted to run back up. I declined.

Even from the ground, the view was lovely. We stayed for a little while, enjoying the day.

And were rewarded by the sight of the ferry coming in. It's big!

I suppose it has to be, going all the way to Iles de la Madeleine.

At first we thought it was called the Travesty, which seemed highly unlikely. The camera's zoom cleared things up: the Traversier.

To explain this next picture, I have to explain two things. First, it took us a lot longer to find lunch that day than we expected it to*; and second, though I love the Island very much, it is, sadly, more a Pepsi place than I would like (hence the root been I photographed another day).

*We ate in Cardigan, though I don't seem to have noted the name of the restaurant, and the food was very good!

So you may surmise how happy I was to see this:

Also, the display case with a small whale's tail behind it.

And the bilingual mustard caught my eye as well.

As we were driving on, in a roundabout way back to Charlottetown, my alert mother noticed a sign that said alpaca yarn*, so we turned and went back. It was a small place, like a cabin in front of the house, run by a woman who quilts and sells the work of other locals.

*I like to think I have her well trained as an enabler, though she doesn't knit herself.

And yes, has alpacas:

Sadly, she was out of her own yarn, but I bought some other yarn that I am quite happy with.

Back in town, I saw this on the car next to me when I parked. Love this hockey feeling.

So that was Friday. I think I'll do one more entry to wrap the trip up, then we'll be back to the present day. For whatever that's worth.

Happy weekend!

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