Sunday, November 02, 2014

Dark, and Light

I hate how dark it gets, so early, after the time change in the fall. I think that's the majority opinion, don't you? I did work with a woman once who claimed to like it, because she felt freed of the feeling that dark meant the evening was done: if it was dark as she left work, she still had the whole evening ahead of her. Or something like that; I don't claim to understand the reasoning. And this weekend, when the weather has been largely filthy, having it dark already is just insult added to injury.

Not that it's been a bad weekend other than the weather. I've gotten a fair bit done, and had some nice relaxing time, too. It's just never enough. Still, on the plus side, I have my plane tickets to Florida for Christmas, which is exciting to look forward to. Although it's coming up alarmingly fast: I'm leaving the Sunday before Christmas, and that's seven weeks from today. Lord! It seems impossible.

I wanted to share a nice flash mob variant that I was sent today. I love Tchaikovsky anyway, so for music students to flash-mob to it, at a hospital, just charms me. Bringing light into the world.

I particularly like the man who was still looking at his newspaper, but was conducting along with the music.


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