Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Few Notes and Videos Before I'm Biking

When I bought my little condo (back in 2006, ahem), I noticed a plaque on the front of the building announcing that it was built in 1745* and thought, "Wow, I should check with the library or historical society and see what they can tell me about it."
*Which is super-old in the US. Pre-Revolutionary War!

And, almost 8 years to the day since I moved, I finally did! Thanks, Mary Ellen! It's pretty hilarious stuff: when I tell you that the form says it's an "altered Queen Anne" style, all I want to add is, if this is altered, you could say that dynamite alters what it ignites. I look forward to studying the papers at leisure. Mum, I'll bring it along at Christmas so you can see.

In other news, someone shared this awesome story on Facebook of Neil deGrasse Tyson answering a question from a 6-year-old:

And someone posted one of those quizzes, this one what's your 70s anthem. I was a kid in the 70s, but I have some fond music memories, so I tried it. I'm not dissatisfied with my result (who could be unhappy with Bohemian Rhapsody?), but I was secretly hoping to get December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night).

The video is (delightfully) campy, but for whatever reason or none at all, I love this song (be glad you can't hear me as I sing along). Do you have any songs like that, ones that aren't your style and you just can't explain your love of?


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