Thursday, November 20, 2014

There, 2000 Words

What a week! I finally made it to the end (since I worked Sunday), and am so relieved to think of sleeping in tomorrow. I have a few things I plan to get done, but sleeping is job one.

In lieu of comprehensible content, I have two pictures to share from today. The first is to show you Belmont's new hangout spot in the living room.
Guess where the heating vent in the living room is? Yes, behind the couch. You can't see it in the picture, of course. She's a small cat, but she spreads.

The funny thing is that the vent isn't even open all the way, but apparently it's warm enough to be appealing (this wasn't so amusing the other morning, when she threw up back there; that was a challenge to clean up). She isn't always back there, but frequently. In fact, I think she was there when I got home: usually she's underfoot and yowling for food as I come in, before I have the door closed behind me, but tonight it was a solid 1-2 minutes before she ambled out.

The other picture is from a book I'm reading, a lightweight but quite entertaining mystery. I generally find it super-annoying when I find someone's corrections in a library book, but this made me laugh out loud.
We all have our things, don't we, our areas where we hate to see mistakes? And someone just couldn't stand it that this "error" (which I wouldn't have known was an error, but I guess you don't nail in a bracket?) made it into print.

People are funny, aren't they? Have you ever found a funny correction in a library book? Or wanted to correct one yourself?


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

::twitches and grinds teeth at WRITING IN LIBRARY BOOKS ARRRRGH::

8:23 PM, November 20, 2014  

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