Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quick Words on Wegmans, the Weekend, and the Bike

Quick note: Melissa asked if Wegmans really wasn't that crowded, and I know, I'm surprised, too. But I felt that it was, although busy, not crazy-busy. I was there late morning, and wouldn't even have guessed it was the week before Thanksgiving, let alone that it was a new Wegmans. It was busy, sure, but not nuts. The cashier was ... clearly new, but it was fine. Two thumbs up. I doubt I'll go again before January, what with Christmas and all, but if I could go during the day on a weekday, I probably would. In the new year, I expect to be able to go on weekends without needing a cold compress afterward, and if that's true, it will be my regular stop for groceries.

My weekend has been a good one overall. I didn't get everything done, but I did a fair bit, plus a fair bit of sitting, reading, petting cats, and all that. Plus lots of sleep! And no big headaches either, whew. So while I'm never happy to have a weekend end, the end of a long one facing a short week is fairly painless.

I need to go get on the bike, as that's one thing I haven't done today (30 minutes Friday, 31 yesterday, must keep rolling), so I'll be off to do that. The sock that I started on the 10th is at the heel turn already.
I'm proud of that. I never, ever feel physically better after exercising, as I understand some people do, but having sock progress to look at helps. And not feeling that rush makes even more proud of myself when I do it anyway. Go, me.


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