Wednesday, November 05, 2014

But Not Tonight*

I would think twice about going into detail about the meeting I had today anyway, given my preference for avoiding topics that could lead to trouble at work (no one I currently work with knows my blog, but I like to keep it in mind as a general rule), but in fact I have yarn to wind and things to do tonight to get ready for going into Boston tomorrow, plus the Bruins game is on soon, (no it isn't...wake up, ccr) oh, and I kind of want to eat, and, well, there we are. I'm here to say I'm not here.

Because the good news about that meeting is that I finished knitting my sock before it was over**, and it was the second sock of the pair, so I have a toe to finish and to cast on a new one for tomorrow. And as long as I'm getting out the swift and ball-winder, my bike sock is at the toe, so I might as well wind the yarn for the next pair of that at the same time. Photos to come soon, hopefully, but for now, good night!

*I got in the car after the chiropractor and Depeche Mode was playing on the radio, which is a rare thing. Not this song, actually, but it seems to have put it in my mind.

**I looked around the meeting, and saw two people on their laptops, four on phones, one brainstorming her novel (she's doing NaNoWriMo), and me knitting, as we all listened to the speaker in California. Funny world, isn't it?


Blogger Leslie said...

Sounds like a barnstormer of a speaker.

I'm so happy I no longer have to pretend interest. The older I get the lower my tolerance for all sorts of things goes.

1:51 PM, November 06, 2014  

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