Saturday, November 08, 2014

Early to Bed

Today hasn't been anything like as bad as yesterday, fortunately, though I have been limp as a rag, needing frequent rests between bouts of very minor accomplishment. And now I'm getting ready for bed. But around this time last night, I looked up from my book* and realized I didn't feel terrible-horrible, so that's good.
*The benefit to feeling awful from cramps, versus feeling awful from headache, is being able to read through it.

Unfortunately, I did have to cancel plans with friends today, and I'd been much looking forward to seeing them. There was no denying that it wasn't a museum day for me, though. Even apart from the energy crisis, my calves still hurt from all the walking I did on Thursday. What a wimp! A mere three or four miles of walking and it flattens me for days...


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