Friday, November 21, 2014

Ahhh, Bonus Weekend Day

I'll have to take Fridays off once in a while: it's a great feeling, after a day of getting some extra sleep and getting a few things done, plus cat snorgling, to have another two whole days of weekend to come.

I'm making a list of things I want to get done, as if I don't write them down, they evaporate when I try to remember later. Oh, the kitchen table is messy enough to be seen from space, I'm not going to forget that! But it's good to have a list so I can assess which thing I feel like doing most, at the given moment.

One of the things I got done was a doctor's appointment, the latest follow-up on my blood pressure. Want to hear something crazy? The latest medicine seems to be helping! Isn't that nuts? Only the third one we've tried. We'll see how it is in six months; it's nice to have that long to not think about it.

Another thing I got done was grocery shopping (necessary pre-angel salad, of course), and it was only exciting because it was at Wegmans. They opened a store in Burlington about a month ago, well within the distance I'm willing to go for them*, and I'd said I would wait for the frenzy to die down before going, and go in January. But given the opportunity to go on a weekday, during the day, I decided to chance it. It was good (I mean, it's still grocery shopping, it's not like it's ever fun-fun, but everything's relative, and for grocery shopping it's great), and even better? It turns out they built a two-story parking area, meaning that in winter, one can park in the lower lever and not have to deal with the snow! This is very exciting, though today it was only cold, not precipitationing in any way, thank god. (So cold, though, around freezing and then a substantial wind chill.)
*As opposed to Northborough, which is a solid hour away plus traffic, too far for regular visits. Unfortunately.

So I got those and some other errands done, quite satisfying, even if I did strike out at LL Bean. The fleece-flannel shirts I wanted to see were nice enough, but I didn't love them enough for that price, and they do have a pajama-shirt look about them, which isn't ideal. Then the lined jeans just illustrated what's wrong with clothes sizing. I took off the pair of jeans I was wearing, size 18 in another brand, and couldn't zip the size 20 Bean jeans. So I put them back and looked around, and found a pair of cords on the clearance rack in size 22W (I'm guessing it was a mail-order return, since I didn't see plus sizes anywhere in the store). And they were much, much too big. So not only are the sizes between brands not similar, but even within Bean they vary widely. Crazy.

I got home after the doctor in plenty of time to make scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner, yum, and the Bruins game, though up and down, finally ended in a (stupid shootout) win for my guys, so it's a good end to a good day. Even if my legs and rear do hurt from half an hour on the bike. The bike sock is at the heel flap already: I'll try to think about that part instead.


Blogger Leslie said...

A total of 30 entire minutes on the bike? Impressive, very impressive. I've been ignoring the fitness center lately but you're making me feel like a slug.

A size 18 is different from a size 18W. The plain numbers indicate a "Misses" cut while the "W" indicates a fuller cut in the hip and thigh. The "W" indicates the garment is suitable those of us whose experience has spilled from our heads to the rest of the body. At least that's the way I remember it.

7:32 AM, November 22, 2014  
Blogger Melissa said...

Was the Wegmans not too bad then? I've been avoiding it altogether out of crowd fear but I could go during the week pretty easily. I'm so excited they seem to be catching on!

12:02 PM, November 23, 2014  

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