Monday, November 03, 2014

Random Thoughts as They Bounce Around My Head

It will take a while to get used to it being dark when I leave work now. I do hate being jerked around by Daylight Saving Time. And that jogger I saw, the one wearing all black? Clearly had a death wish. Sir? It's dark, plus the drivers aren't used to it being dark at this time. Don't be an idiot.

Didn't go to stitch and bitch tonight, as several regulars couldn't make it (plus, you know, it's dark)(have I mentioned that it's dark?). I'll have to pick up knitting at home, though. Given that it's over a year since I finished knitting something for myself that wasn't socks, I think it's time for some me knitting that way.

I would just like to say that when I bike tonight, it will be the 12th of the last 14 days that I have done so. Go, me! I am patting myself on the back, all right.

Though not with my right arm. I got my flu shot on Saturday, and my arm was tender by that evening, and a little red the next day, neither of which surprised me. I am a little surprised that it's still red and tender now, though. Not worse, and I feel fine, and I'll call them if it gets worse, but still, go away already. By Thursday, for sure: I'm going into Boston for a work thing, and the last thing I need is to worry about getting jostled on the T. I dislike the T enough without that.

Despite the T, I'm looking forward to going in: it's a good opportunity to learn more about the process of what we do. It's the part I don't do, and will likely never (or almost never) do, but I'm interested in it, and I'm going in with someone who knows what she's doing, so I should learn a lot.

The Dalai Lama was in Boston this week, leading to a very odd photo juxtaposition:
...He's a Bruins fan? Really?

I did not expect that.


Blogger Leslie said...

Of course he's a Bruins fan. How could he not be? When one has achieved inner mindfulness is there an alternative?

And congratulations on the bike! I'm quite proud of you and will hie my butt off the chair and go to the fitness center in your honor today.

7:58 AM, November 05, 2014  

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