Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turned Out to be a Quickie

It's raining again tonight, and as I ran some errands on the way I home, I wondered how come I keep doing this to myself, running non-urgent errands* in the rain, which complicates them so. But when I made a list earlier in the day of the places I "need" (meaning want) to go, I came up with eight** without even working at it, and that does not include the grocery store, which I will need to visit before next Wednesday unless Walmart has heavy cream for the angel salad*** (which they probably do, but anyway).

*There's very little that won't wait another day, when it comes down to it. Being out of milk is probably my most common have-to-stop item.
**Granted, two are libraries.
***Remember angel salad? I wrote about it in 2007, and mentioned it in 2008, 2009, and 2010, if you want to time travel.

So I stopped at Kohl's and at Ocean State, and while the rain and umbrella thing was aggravating, at least it wasn't cold. It's been unseasonably warm recently, which I love, though it does feel strange to be leaving work in the dark and not be cold, two things that usually go together. I really miss the daylight after work; more light in the morning doesn't do as much for me. Well, one more month into the darkness and we start heading back to the light. And there's enough going on in the next month that it will move quickly, I know.

Like tonight went by quickly! How is it quarter of ten already? When time flies, aren't you supposed to be having fun? Not making dinner and ... well, whatever else I did tonight? Hmmm.


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