Friday, November 11, 2011

Pain, Knitting, Hockey, Elevenses

I got a flu shot this afternoon--yes, I used part of my afternoon off work to get a flu shot, so stop saying I don't know how to party--and I got it in my right arm instead of the usual left. My thinking was that since my right shoulder already hurts, I should put pain with pain, and leave one side I can comfortably sleep on tonight. And I still think that was the right thing to do, but man, does my right upper arm/shoulder hurt. Ow.

Didn't stop me from knitting, though! Other than a few rounds on my sock while I was out, I've been working on Secret Christmas Knitting Projects. So far, knock wood, it's going well! Here's what we have so far:
  • SCKP #1: done! Was all but done Monday at SnB, but I wove the ends in last night.
  • SCKP #2: done! Finished it Sunday, and promptly started:
  • SCKP #2A: done, as of tonight!
  • SCKP #3: not yet started, but pattern printed out, yarn wound, and needles assembled.
Crystal clear, right? Then there are the non-secret things, plus I want to finish the sock of the current pair and start another (must have purse knitting, you know). Busy, busy.

The Bruins game last night was another entertaining one. Not only did it give them a four-game winning streak, it put them back at .500, which is a good thing. So is Seguin's hot streak, and that Tuukka's got his own 2-game win streak after way too much time getting no help from the players in front of him (like, all of last season).

Best of all, though, in my mind, is the number of goals scored and allowed.
  • In ten games in October, they went 3-7, scoring 22 goals and allowing 25 (not a good goal differential).
  • In four games so far in November, they are 4-0, having scored 24 goals and allowed 8. Wow!
So far, I like November.

Particularly when it looks like this:

Did you feel elevenish today? I was in a meeting at 11:11 this morning, and I expect I'll be asleep at 11:11 PM, but it's a neat day for a number nerd. We get another next year, but that's it for my lifetime. Pretty cool.

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Blogger Leslie said...

You know how to party almost as well as I. Next year try to beat this -- ON MY BIRTHDAY I had a complete physical, including the lady bits and flu shot, my mammogram and fasting blood work. Now I know how to party!!

As usual, thanks for the lovely photos.

9:24 AM, November 12, 2011  

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