Monday, November 28, 2011

The Monday Bluh Rambling.

funny pictures - My  official  Monday  face

Driving home tonight showed me that a lot of people put up their Christmas lights this weekend. Now that Thanksgiving is past, I am cautiously pleased to see Christmas lights. And if the temps stay as they are (it was about 65 today), I'm good with that.

Two new people came to stitch and bitch tonight, which was very nice. Ours is a good group but small, so the more, the merrier.

I picked up a book at the library and started reading it, and I want to keep reading, but I don't want to be up too late. Getting up this morning was hard, Monday-after-a-long-weekend hard. I need more sleep. And then I got to work and wasn't busy, and that was just so aggravating.

I have often said that I would rather be busy than bored at work, and this is particularly true when work requires me to account for my time, which makes merely "looking busy" insufficient. I don't like to be frantically busy either, not being much given to extremes, but having nothing to do is particularly difficult on the Monday after Thanksgiving, when getting out of bed and ready for work was even more difficult than usual. To reluctantly remove myself from the kitty's cuddles, drag in to work, and have no real reason to be there is painful. Work came along eventually, as it does, but still.

I need sleep, and instead I've spent I-won't-say-how-long watching videos on YouTube. Sigh. Bedtime! I leave you with this:


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