Monday, November 14, 2011

But ... But ... It's November 14th...

On the way home from stitch and bitch, I glanced in the window of a house as I passed it ... and saw their set up, lit Christmas tree in the window.

It's a good thing I was close to home, and nothing unexpected happened in front of me the rest of the way, as I drove along blinking, asking myself if I really saw that, resisting the temptation to go around the block to look again, and saying, "But it's only November 14th..."

Seriously? Who puts up their Christmas tree this early? Do you? Does your mother, your sister, your neighbor? Can you help me understand why?

It has to be a fake one, right? Because a real one would be dried out long before Christmas (since it's still Six Weeks Away). So no needles to deal with. But otherwise? Bringing out lights and ornaments before turkey day? It just feels so ... wrong to me.



Anonymous Adrith said...

For me, I put up the lights early, usually not long after we change the clocks and it gets so darn dark so early in the evening.

We don't usually do the tree until after Thanksgiving, but I may have bought one of the live ones in a pot that Wegmans is selling when I went to the store this evening. I didn't want to risk them running out by the time I was ready to decorate, yanno.

10:51 PM, November 14, 2011  
Blogger Leslie said...

The evil Wal store has carols playing and the seasonal area is completely decked out. They've even relocated the close-out aisle (adjacent to seasonal) and filled it with toys. Rite Aid had Christmas stuff in mid October, right across the aisle from the Halloween merchandise. It doesn't have to share with Halloween anymore, it has the whole store long aisle. The few merchants remaining on Main Street have also started decorating.

This Chri$tma$ $eason gets earlier every year and every year I find my "Humbug" growing louder.

11:11 AM, November 15, 2011  

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