Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brief and Superficial

Despite a solid night's sleep last night, I am tired, and planning to go to bed early tonight, taking advantage of an off-night for the Bruins (they won last night: nine in a row!). So I will be both brief and superficial here.

Look at this picture (via Puck Daddy):

This is Vancouver Canuck Chris Higgins. The Bruins played the Canucks for seven games in June, and his name barely registers on my NHL radar. But there are two things about this picture.

On the one hand, what is he doing with his jersey, blowing his nose? We'll hope he's just mopping up sweat, but it looks dubious.

On the other hand, look at those abs. Oh mah gah.



Blogger Kate P said...

Moments like those are pretty much what got me into following sports. :)

2:36 PM, November 23, 2011  

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