Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pair Nine Skype Sock Update, with bonus cat photos

First things first: the issue I was having with trying to upload the video from Knitting Nation yesterday is apparently not restricted to me, as I discovered when searching the forums today (whither I was driven after realizing that the "I'm working on it" page had been spinning for four hours in the background today). So I went to YouTube to see if the problem was with the file, and it loaded there in less than five minutes. Hmm. Not thrilled with Google/Blogger, but at least I could work around, to show you this:

It's supposed to be on YouTube but set as private; I hope it works, but let me know if you have problems viewing it. [11/27 edited to change setting; should be there now!] Now, on with the updates!

Finishing a sock in two weeks is really fast for me, but in fact I did half of this sock in the last couple of days. Here it is as of last Sunday, 11/20:

Coming nicely, but not near finished. Before noon on Thursday, I got to the ready-for-the-heel part:

Then I turned the heel and picked up the instep stitches during the day. Plenty of knitting time in the afternoon brought me here by bedtime:

Quite a distance. And then there was knitting time at the ICA on Friday, so by the time I got home, I was here:

Toes! I didn't get anything more done last night, but this morning Carlos wanted a lap, which gave me time to finish. My tallest ones yet, I think.

(Some of these photos are in poor lighting; these last three are probably the best for the colors of the yarn.)

With just a wee bit of yarn left over. Clever yarn management, or luck? Probably both.

In fact, Carlos has had plenty of laps this long weekend. Most of my views of him seem to have been like this:

And sometimes like this (everyone needs a prop at times, right?):

Though he was in the sun on Thursday morning, leading to a sparkle-fur effect I tried to capture, with middling success.

My baby.

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