Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Headache With Tides

My head still hurt today, up and down, more and less. I was still functional, mostly, but I had to sit through an hour and a half of a meeting this afternoon that was hard to focus on, when what I really wanted was to curl up in a ball rubbing my head. The drive home unfortunately came at a high-tide of pain, so every headlight was like a dagger in my eye, plus the defensive squinting made my head even more tense; that was fun.

Once I was home and able to chill out with the kitty, it got a bit better, and though it's not completely gone now, it isn't much bad. I don't have much exposition in me tonight, though, so let's look at something else, shall we?

Like lunatics who, upon hearing reports of whales in the water--"surface lunge-feeding", yet--try to get closer. To something that could kill them without even trying.

Actually, I felt that way about a friend's dog once, years ago. He had a rottweiler, I think it was--big, black, and wouldn't hurt a fly, but weighed over 100 pounds and I couldn't help flinching when he bounded by. I didn't think he'd mean to hurt me, but I felt like it could happen anyway. (Kind of a big-dog wuss, yes, I am.)(Although surprisingly there is one kind of wuss I'm apparently not. Kate posted about her brand-new nephew [congrats again!] and gave a sensible "don't look if you're squeamish" warning before the photo because he's hooked up to some stuff, being a preemie, and I, the ultimate ultra-sensitive in most areas, was .. just fine with it. I mean, sure, a bit poor-baby for the little guy, taped to this and that, but he looks healthy and like he'll be fine and oh look at all the hair...)

And more cheerfulness: a page of Muppet-related info and links here! Or the twenty-three movie trailers here! (I haven't watched them all; tell me if there's one I really shouldn't miss.) I'm really looking forward to this movie. (Also to Hugo. You should check out the book if you haven't already, and don't be put off by the size, it's a lot of visual content as well as text, so it flies along.)

Another fun one: ever seen a lion riding in a sidecar? They were pretty wacky, back in 1934! Don't miss the link to the newsreel!

I better stop pushing my luck with the head. Enough, miss! Go get ready for bed!


Blogger Kate P said...

Thank you, again!

I finally got around to finishing The Invention of Hugo Cabret over the weekend. It was great, and as I understand it, the author was very involved in the movie production, so it should be good. Circulation is up at the library as a result!

And all I can say to meetings is ugh, headache or not. I hope tomorrow is better.

10:59 PM, November 08, 2011  

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