Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend, Knitting and All

So much of my recent knitting is for Christmas, and therefore not bloggable, but I'll show you what I can, and then I have some non-knitting pictures to share.

First, I finished the latest socks!

Two! Blue!

And of course I had to start the next pair at once, for one must have purse knitting. Socks That Rock!

This will be my ninth pair in the Skype pattern, and my fourth in Socks That Rock. I love this yarn! This is one of the skeins I got at Webs back in February (I just re-read my post about it; what a great day). I have another skein in reserve, from Rhinebeck, thankfully; I'd hate to run out.

All right, the rest of the knitting is secret, so what else do I have? Let's see.

I have a what-the on channel three (hire a proofreader already!):

I had a cat on my lap to watch the Bruins game:

His powers of concentration helped, I'm sure, and the Bruins won 6-2. Five-game winning streak! Thirty goals in five games! Ridiculous, but wonderful fun. Also, there was a very touching moment pre-game that you can see and read about here, it's well worth a few minutes. Also also, there was a really good new hockey commercial, featuring the Bruins even. We'll see if I get sick of it, but for now I like it:

I ran some errands Friday afternoon, and noticed something on one of the receipts afterward:

Play that number, right?

I also saw the perfect license plate for a small car:

And two good book titles that I didn't buy:

By the author of "Of Whales and Men"!


Blogger Kate P said...

Nice socks!!!

That commercial was funny, although it did make me jump when the game started.

10:39 PM, November 13, 2011  

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