Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ready for Thanksgiving

It must be Thanksgiving if the angel salad is made and chilling! As I said last year and will probably say every year, it isn't Thanksgiving without angel salad.

And as I also say every year, it really isn't hard to make, particularly if your memory of making it involves your mother making a quadruple recipe for the whole extended family. The single version is enough for a group of people who thinks it's nice, or interesting, but not essential, and it's a lot easier to make. (When you multiply the 4 egg yolks of the single recipe times four, you start to see that it gets ... challenging to quadruple. Possible, certainly, but not easy.)

Today was a pretty good day at work, only minor frustrations, I got paid for the first time, and my boss let us go early. I'm thankful just to have a job, but every bit easier it gets also elicits my gratitude.

After talking to the vet about Pan, who has had goopy eyes and nose recently, I went and picked up an antibiotic to give him, in hopes of knocking out the apparent infection and clearing his nose. Perhaps then he will smell food and discover that it appeals! How revolutionary.

Of course, first I have to give him this new med, which is, yes, liquid. All his others are pills, so this is new ground. Hopefully it will not be ground spattered with pink spots. I gave him the first dose this evening, and was he surprised! Putting the dropper in his mouth wasn't the problem, as it's enough like the pill shooter, but when the liquid hit his throat, he pulled his head back with a "what just happened?" look on his face. He didn't spit it out, or throw up, but we'll see what happens tomorrow, when he knows what's coming.

Ironic moment when I picked it up at the vet. The woman was explaining to me how much to give him, measuring it, etcetera, and then said that since it can upset the stomach, try to make sure he eats something first! I had to laugh (somewhat sadly) as I said I would if I could. I explained that he's barely eaten all this Fall, so I really can't do anything about that. I'll watch him for signs of stomach troubles, anyway.

Well, this has been a post full of random, hasn't it? Let me finish with a pointer: the Hyper Homemaker has a great post (here) about manners and etiquette. My favorite part?
Don't confuse etiquette and manners. It's bad etiquette to use your dinner fork on your salad. It's bad manners to comment that someone used their dinner fork on their salad. Manners always trumps etiquette.


Blogger Claud Reich said...

Just finished my own angel salad. "...a group of people who thinks it's nice, or interesting, but not essential." Heathens, in other words, right? ;) I hadn't before considered carrying angel salad to someone else's holiday meal as a missionary preaching to the benighted, but hey, works for me.

Re cats & liquid: if it's not ~too~ viscous a liquid, you might try the barrel of a syringe. There are ones where the needle, by design, screws off, leaving you just with a plastic tube with a plunger & a skinny opening. (Maybe the vet might have them? Or your doctor? Or I could dig up the address of the local needle exchange, but somehow I see that as Not Your Style.) We keep them around the house as water pistols for arrant cat misbehavior. (The times when you tell them No!, and they give you that look that says, Yeah, you and what army?) So when Moshpit ate some plastic once, and we were urgently wanting to get vegetable oil into her, we used one of them. If you can get cat and barrel positioned, and cat's mouth opened (tricky prospect in and of itself), then you press down the plunger, and the liquid's down their throat before they have a chance to spit it out. Anyhow, just thought I'd suggest.

Hope your holiday's good, darlin'. Take care, & love from your big bro'.

11:45 PM, November 26, 2008  
Blogger Leslie said...

Your brother's right about the syringe barrel. I have a couple in different sizes I've collected over the years. They're much more effective they the eyedropper variety and you can easily measure the exact amount.

The first paycheck sure looked nice, didn't it?

10:45 AM, November 27, 2008  

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