Monday, September 26, 2022

The Real Hurricane Prep

We are, of course, keeping a close eye on the track of hurricane Ian as it heads toward Florida; so far, we are out of the cone and not where landfall is expected, so hopefully we will just get a ton of wind and rain, nothing more. As long as that holds true, and we don't lose power, we're set to stay in place. (Being on the 6th floor, shutters closed, with no power meaning no water or plumbing or air conditioning or fridge/stove/microwave, well, we don't want to do that. But of course, we'd rather not pack up everything including the cat and hit the road, so cross fingers that we don't lose power!)

I went out on Saturday for some errands, not all of which were hurricane prep, though I did pick up more bottled water, and some extra cat food, that kind of thing. But even more important was the stop that brought me this:

Hello, Norman Love chocolate!
I recently found a gift card I didn't know I had, that had gotten put in the wrong place, and of course once I knew it was there, it had to be used! I haven't tried all of these yet, though I have had some delicious experiences so far.

This one was messy to eat, but so tasty:

And of course I got a few different caramel things that have all been so good. Surprisingly, though, my favorite so far was this:
Just a macaroon, you think? With a little chocolate on the bottom? Well, yes, but it was absolutely perfect. Crisp but not hard, chewy, not at all soggy, absolutely delicious.

But the caramels are also making me very happy. 

Cross your fingers for us as Ian goes by.


Suzanne said...

Thinking of you and hoping that Ian misses you!

Also, I completely think Norman Love chocolates are a KEY part of hurricane prep!

Nicole said...

Fingers crossed!!

AlisonH said...

Chocolate always helps!