Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bear With Me: I Know This Sounds Weird

Because I'm writing about deodorant.

I know! That sound I just heard was people shaking their head and closing my blog. But bear with me!

In August, I was reading Jennifer Murch's blog when she mentioned that her son and daughter-in-law told her about this salt stick deodorant that really, really works for, ahem, odor. 

This is, I will candidly admit, something I have noticed in myself. I also have virtually no tolerance for overly scented deodorants. Not in an allergic-reaction kind of way, but if I lift my arm to reach for something and smell a wave of lavender or baby powder or mango, it makes me gag. Who wants their armpits to smell like ginger and white tea? I'd almost rather smell the sweatiness.

But with this crystal stick, there's no odor from the stick itself, and it seems to prevent natural odor from building up. It's so weird! It looks like nothing, it feels like nothing, and yet, somehow ... no stink.

This has been a public service announcement.


  1. I'm here for this! I use a natural deodorant called Routine - and it was created by a woman in my neighbourhood! I like the way it smells, and it works!

  2. Huh. Curious. Thanks. I always go with the unscented sensitive skin type just because I'm right there with you on adding smells: why, just why.

  3. Interesting. I've really never come across a deodorant that works for me and I always smell vaguely of sweat. Maybe I'll give it a shot.