Sunday, November 26, 2017

Getting the Only Complaint Out of the Way

I had a perfectly lovely time at the Thanksgiving/50th wedding anniversary trip with my family-friends, and the Cliff House in Maine is amazing, but I just want to start by pointing out something quite odd about the room, or more specifically, the bathroom.

This sign was in the bathroom.
And this type of policy isn't limited to high-end hotels, of course; I have seen similar messages in much more basic hotels/motels. If you want fresh towels every day, drop the dirty ones on the bathroom floor; otherwise, hang them up.

But here's what the Cliff House did not have, that other places I have been (Best Western, Courtyard by Marriott) did: places to hang those bath towels up, if you're willing to use them again. And there was plenty of wall space to put up some hooks. Here:
Or there:
But there was nothing, either in the room I was in, or in another friend's room (she asked me if our room had them, wondering if it was just her room that didn't). So strange!

(I also noticed that our shower curtain did not extend the full width of the shower, which I found very odd, but that isn't exactly a complaint. If it works for them, fine.)

Still, the room itself was lovely.
The beds were really comfortable, too.
And the view made up for a lot.

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