Saturday, November 21, 2015

More Unrated Movies

I shared a few weeks ago when I saw the movie listing that claimed it had "dream logic" and more. Since then, I've noticed other listings, and it really has me wondering if the Globe writes these, or if they are provided by the studios or someone else. I kind of want to watch unrated movies and decide what people need to be warned about. Such as, you ask? Well.

Would you watch a movie that admitted to depicting graphically butchered poultry? Is that better or worse than "corporate destruction of communities"? Or is that humans-first thinking?
What about a crocodile attack? As long as there wasn't anything else scary?
This is my favorite, though. Notice that it gets half of one star.

Which is when I started to wonder who writes these...


  1. Oh man, that last one was the best. I called my husband in from the other room on that one. Now I'm kind of curious about it but not so much so that I'd waste 80 minutes of my life on it!

  2. HAHAHA that's awesome!! The Rotten Tomato reviews are pretty fab for it as well:

    "To sit through it feels like honoring the dreamers of the world who at least get shit done. Is it terrible? Of course. Is there belly-dancing? Duh."

    " "Dangerous Men," the picture's production notes inform, took 26 years to reach the big screen. After having seen it, I wonder: What was the rush?"