Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Boys Are Back in Town

I thought it was supposed to be at least partly sunny today, and it wasn't at all, but with the temperatures in the high 40s in January, I won't complain too much. What about you, was it nice where you were? Did you get outside?

I did. I went for a nice long walk.

To the subway.

For this:
Yes! It's real! It's really happening! My Bruins are back!

You can imagine how excited I was. Even last night, there was no official word about today, but I got up this morning to learn that they (the players association) finally signed the agreement late last night, so camp could open today, it's free to the public, come on down! And you know I had to. When I walked in to the arena and heard the sounds of hockey, saw the players on the ice, I couldn't stop smiling.
Ten minutes before it officially started, and look how many people were there already! An estimated 1,000 came all told, pretty cool. And these were some hockey-starved people! I've been to training camp sessions before, and am not used to vigorous cheering for contact drills. Or for a chant of "Let's go, Bruins" to break out. Of course, in other years they haven't been giving away popcorn and soda (and hot dogs, but I'm not a big fan of those), or had a long display of free pastries (because hockey and pastries go together like .... well, let's see, like hockey and pastries, i.e., not at all). And in past years, Zdeno Chara has not found a microphone to thank us on behalf of the team for coming.

I took a lot of pictures, most of which are crappy due to the lighting and/or motion. But here are a few anyway, starting with my boy, Patrice Bergeron, on the right, with Seguin and Marchand, in the gold jerseys:
Intent goalie, super-cute small-child fan:
My Bruins-loving friend, the one I went to the Cup parade with, loves Lucic the way I do Bergeron. Lucic has broad shoulders, no?
He is intent on the action, as is only right.
Gold line in action.
I don't even know who this is, but this pose, well, it made me think, in very politically-incorrect fashion, of the You Can Play Project. Just saying.
Fight for it, boys!
Lucic coasting between drills.
Good Boston boy Shawn Thornton.
And the Captain, Chara himself.
Group in together, guys.
Dig for it!
Now let's talk about that.
Ahh, it's good to see Bergeron on Garden ice again.
The fans cheered, the players raised their sticks in salute.
Gold line, preparing.
I stayed until the Zambonis were done. Don't make me leave!
But it's okay. They're back. I have a date Saturday night: don't call me between 7 and 10 unless you want to hear some serious excitement, and not get my full attention.


  1. That was quite an event, and well captured by you! My brother's mood seems to have improved, too--must be the hockey.

  2. You are so good to me. Thanks for capturing Lucic at many flattering angles!!