Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So Worth It, But So Tired

So tired today. Sooooooo tired. So tired, in fact, that at lunch today I spilled my soup in a giant splash all over my clothes (and floor, and chair, a bit, and even a little on my sock, and I'm lucky it missed going into my snow boots nearby). Good times! I wonder what it's like not to be clumsy. I don't think I've ever made a bigger mess of my food as an adult, at least in the workplace. Fortunately, the soup was no longer so hot that burns were a factor, but as the afternoon went on and it got cold, well, that's an unpleasant feeling. If you were wondering.

Also fortunate, I guess, is I did not end up with a library book coated in bean soup. Which is something, though as the book was what distracted me from exactly where my spoon was, it would have deserved it. (It's a good book. I'll report back after I finish it. Space opera.)

I admit that my thoughts as I cleaned up, beyond the obvious oh, shit, were ruminations on the advisability of getting up after a late night and clearing three inches of snow off the car, just in order to go in and spill food all over myself. Some days.

Anyway, hockey! Bruins! Rare weeknight excursion! Yesterday at work, I told my cube-neighbor that I was going to the game, and she said, "You're going into the city on a weeknight? It's like I don't even know you!" Thus proving that in fact, she knows me pretty well.

It was exhausting, yes, but so much fun! In fact, let me say it this way: So! Much! Fun! It's totally worth a sleepy day and an evening of blog-bike-bed. (If 6:30 didn't seem ridiculously early for bed, I might even have skipped the first two...)

I took some pictures, which I need to go through more carefully so there may be more tomorrow (and there should be more stories because I can't think of any right now and I know there were things I was going to say about it) but here's the sweep of the arena, pretty darn full for the short notice, and almost everyone in black and gold:
That was during the second period, so probably about peak for the crowd. As for the enthusiasm, well, listen to this from the warm-ups:

These are my people.

Well, some of them are on the extreme side, but still. Family of sorts.

Man, I'm tired.

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