Monday, January 14, 2013

A Cat-Hair-Covered Hockey Story

I am currently doing penance for going to stitch and bitch tonight, meaning I didn't come straight home to Carlos, so I am typing one-handed because the cat is draped, purring, over my left arm. So no extended flights of fancy tonight. But let me tell you this little story.

At knitting tonight I was talking about hockey (because of course I was), and told them I went in to camp yesterday and hey, I'm not the only hockey-crazy person out there! It's easy to forget, but in fact the team is having a scrimmage at the Garden tomorrow night*, and while it's free, you had to get a ticket to get in and they gave them all away today, so that's 17,000+ fans right there.
*They're having a small camp, so they have to bring players up from the farm, and they're hiring refs and everything!

Leaving SnB I checked my phone and it told me I had three text messages. Say what? I looked at the first and what do you know, I may already have won ... yup, junk text, nice.

But the other two messages were from my hockey-fan friend, the one I mentioned yesterday who likes Lucic? Telling me that she got tickets and do I want to go? Well, yeah! So that's where I'll be tomorrow, if you were wondering. Go Bruins!

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  1. Do they have open training sessions again? I would love to go if they do!