Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quick note before watching the Bruins game

The Bruins are back! I have a hockey game to watch. So here's a quickie list of things that made me smile today:
  • not having a headache
  • someone at working saying, "I love that vest! Did you make it?" and when I said yes, exclaiming, "You did not! I love it!"
  • getting a bonus and the promise of a raise. That was a surprise! It won't change my plans for moving on, but it's nice to see tangible appreciation. Most of the bonus goes straight to savings, but I see some yarn (perhaps for this sweater? but what color?) and a book or two in my future.
  • seeing a picture of my cousin in the hat I made him. Cutie-pie!
  • that the Bruins are back. I enjoyed the Olympics, but I missed my Bruins.


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear about all this good stuff my dear. Vest is beautiful. jdj

Kate P said...

Bonus!!! Yay!!! And hockey, too? Sounds like a good day.