Friday, May 23, 2008

Pan in the shower

Most days, Pan gets in the shower after I'm done and licks water from the tub. Perhaps it's because the water is "fresh", even better than the toilet (yes, he drinks out of that, too). It's a bit weird, but hey, my mother and I have had whole conversations about whether my cats are weird because living with me makes them weird, or because I selected weird cats in the first place. (Either way, it doesn't really reflect well on me, does it?)

Some mornings, he's there when I turn the water off, and other times he comes wandering along shortly thereafter, and once in a while he doesn't bother at all. Last year, when I had house guests, we discovered that he does in fact want to get in even if it's not me showering. Once he heard the water going, he was so vocal about the closed bathroom door that I was a tad embarrassed by him, and wanted to reassure the person showering that really, he could take his time, ignore the maniac meowing outside the door.

This morning, Pan was ready for "water world" before I even got in. I had to get my clothing together and there he was, practically pacing. It isn't wet, what goes on here? When I turned the water on, he jumped on the edge of the tub and was looking like he was going to jump right in, which I was certain he would regret, so I lifted him down and moved on. When I was almost done, I looked out and he was still right there. When I finished and pulled the curtain back, I said, "Okay, come on in," and he meowed loudly, as if to say About time, before he hopped in.

Lick, lick, lick. I must get that on camera one of these days.


Went to see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight, and it was good! Though I couldn't watch one extended scene: I don't know if I'm more squeamish than I used to be, or whether it's just because the ick in question hit my "thing", but I couldn't stand it. Bluck. Otherwise, two thumbs up!


  1. Pan sounds such a hoot with his Water World fetish. Try your movie setting on your camera and share!

    Also, thanks for reassuring me that the new Indie is a goodie. We plan on indulging ourselves with actually _going_ to a movie and Indie won!

  2. Our guy Teddy likes the after shower buzz too - although he is particular about WHO he comes in after. I think it has to do with the smell of my "special" soap which I hide....what? Am I the only one that hides the good stuff so that their unappreciative husbands don't use it all up because they think MORE is always BETTER?

    So Teddy likes Showers after special soap only - which I think makes him more weird then Pan. And I believe that I picked him out just like this and that I haven't "turned" him weird.