Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No real content, but look: pretty flowers! English flowers!

When the alarm went off this morning, I could feel a storm brewing in my head. I got up, took a migraine pill, and set the alarm for an hour later. I dozed and slept and the head was much better when I got up. All day, though, I've felt a little off, a bit loopy, a tad "morning after the night before", and to be honest if I'm going to feel like that, I want to earn it*.

*Says the girl who doesn't drink. But you know what I mean.

Of course, life rarely listens to what I want. Anyway, this is all by way of explaining why I'm going to throw you some pictures in lieu of anything requiring thought. I expect you'll enjoy The Flowers of England, or at least I hope so.

This picture, by the way?

As you can see by the tree trunk, it should be turned 90 degrees clockwise. And the usually compliant Picasa let me do it, but wouldn't save it. No idea what bug crawled up Picasa's nose, since that's usually something it will do in its sleep. Just saying.


  1. I double-dog-dare you to name all those flowers. They all looked familiar, but I could only put names to a few...wisteria, rhododendron, lily-of-the-valley (I think), and woodland hyacinth (maybe).


  2. oh my gosh, those pictures are DIVINE. they make me want to go outside instantly and traipse through fields of flowers :-)

  3. those photos bring "le sigh" - thanks for the lovely respite from my work day.

  4. Tons of flowers--so pretty! And sorry about the headaches (I get them too, so I feel for you...)

  5. Those are AWESOME. I just planted a tiny, tiny wisteria and I hope one day it gets all out of control like that.