Friday, October 15, 2021


Look what I got in the mail the other day!

And it was indeed happy! (Thanks, Mary Ellen!) Cute pin 1:
And cute pin 2:
Another pin that I got recently is this Murderbot error code one, which I adore:
I have a bunch on pins on sachets on my desk, which is good for looking at regularly, but sadly prone to tipping over from the weight of the pins. There was no way that adding more was going to work.
However, in World Market last weekend, I found this banner in the clearance section:
And its fabric is strong enough to hold the pins!
See how cute?

I have to decide where best to hang it, but I'm quite pleased with it. 


Mary Ellen said...

Cute idea!! They did include the print along with the pins I ordered too, right??

AlisonH said...

Paris! My dad's art business was artists in Paris and my daughter did a semester abroad living on the Left Bank, walking past the (pre-fire) Notre Dame cathedral every day.