Monday, August 02, 2021

Random Bits

I don't seem up to much coherency lately, but here are a few bits and pieces:

  • I may be an English major and not a medical professional, but I give myself credit today for noticing that myelodysplastic was spelled wrong (it doesn't start 'myleo'), and that although allogenic is a word, the word they wanted in this context is allogeneic. So close, so wrong!
  • I love that British Olympic diver Tom Daley is a knitter! (I am now following him on Instagram.) He and his husband are so adorable.
  • I'm trying to understand why people who could get vaccinated choose not to, but I just keep thinking, This disease is a tsunami. It's a tidal wave. It's going to envelope us all, and without help, we'll drown. And someone is throwing you a rope, and you're not taking it? 
  • Plus, you can get fun things like this (from here):


1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Cool swag! I like it!

I think I probably got myself unfriended yesterday: a friendly acquaintance who'd moved to a red state wrote a FB post of, How can they force us to put foreign substances in our bodies?!

I noted that nobody was responding to that one, but I also know she has a little kid to take care of so I did: I said, But they're not. They're letting you make the decision, and then you choose which consequences you prefer.

I got an angry emoticon for that and I expect I'll never see her name in my feed again. But at least I tried, and I prayed for her that she would actually consider it and that it might sink in. I figured someone had to at least try to puncture the Fox bubble.

I figure ten years from now she'll be glad I tried, if nothing else.