Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Living Outside

I could (and probably will) write a whole lengthy screed on things I am adjusting to being different about living here (not all big things and not all bad, but just a lot of different), but one thing that struck me tonight is how different it is that I'm spending more time outside. This is mostly due to the lanai, but also in part to the existence of the pool.

Up north, I mostly went outside when I was going somewhere. I do recall pulling out the camp chair last year and setting it up next to my car, since I didn't have yard space, so that I could get a little sun, but it was a makeshift fix at best, and I couldn't stay out there that long, and couldn't leave things set up there.

Here, in the morning, I get up and take my tablet and coffee and sit on the lanai to read the paper. I usually eat lunch at the table on the lanai. After work, I sit on the lanai and knit or read or chat with my mother. It's nice out there, and before you ask, yes, it's hot. The temperature is usually in the 80s or 90s, and the humidity might be 70 to 80 as well. But the mitigating circs are mostly not being in direct sun; being on the sixth floor, where there is often a breeze; having the ceiling fan if the breeze is not enough; lots of ice water (and thank heavens for the ice maker, Fred, who is very enthusiastic about his job); and most of all, the just sitting there and not exerting myself. If I had to actually work out there, physical work, it would be a different story. We keep the air conditioning on inside, so that's always an option, but mostly, I'd rather sit and look at this:
Who wouldn't? And while the screens interfere with my photography something wicked, they make it tolerable in terms of bugs; only the no-see-ums get through, and they aren't year-round, at least. Without screens (and some buildings don't have them, don't allow them), the lanai would not be nearly so useful.

As to the pool, I haven't been in it every day, but probably every second or third day, I pop down and float around for half an hour. There's a mesh pool float that supports you but keeps you in the water, and I just love it. The water is warm, there's usually a light breeze, the sun is nice, and my goodness, am I enjoying it.


  1. Sounds and looks like vacation!

  2. I am so pleased this worked out for you. No more worrying about weather up north!