Monday, June 25, 2018

Sorting, Knitting, Playing with Yarn

When I was first unpacking and came to yarn, I stuffed it into any place I could find for it to be out of the way. Now that things are getting closer to being settled, I dumped it all out to sort and store properly. A little here.
More here.
And all that over there.
That's most of it.

I'm also tagging each one in Ravelry with "Florida" as I go, since I got rid of so much before moving (I know, hard to believe when you look at those photos, isn't it?), and I didn't keep track of it at the time. This way, I'll know if something is or isn't here before I go stash-diving to find it.

This is also an excellent way to spend time with my yarn and be reminded of how much lovely stuff I have. It's very satisfying.

Also satisfying is finishing a project, as I mentioned yesterday, and though I haven't woven in the ends on this one, it's nice to have it done. I spent a few days telling myself it was getting close, close.
Before finally being done.
 And here is the start of the baby blanket. So far, so good!


  1. Good idea on tagging your yarn. I wish I had done that when we moved as I have spent about 4 hours looking for some brown linen I had. At least, I used to have, since I seem to have lost it somewhere between the move from the old house to the new house in New Salem and then to the apartment.

    It's nice to see things are settling in well for you.

  2. That is the most fun part of setting up a new place - organizing the yarn! And it didn't look like a lot to me ;)