Thursday, June 28, 2018

Look at all the pretty

So, the yarn storage!

If you've paying attention, you may recall that I have four of what I call the Ikea cube-things (they are, technically, Expedit shelves, an older version of what is now called Kallax). They have four cubes each, so that gave me 16 total, although since I have one insert that makes a cube into a CD holder, I really had 15 to work with. After I sorted through all my yarn, I found that practically everything would fit into this amount of space (I really DID get rid of a lot of yarn!). I have one short Rubbermaid tote that has an old blanket project I put aside but have not yet given up on, and a couple of skeins of hard-to-categorize yarn, but all the rest is now in the cubes.

I was not at all surprised to find that fingering-weight yarn was what I had the most of. But even that doesn't fully fill these four cubes.
The left two cubes in this one have DK, of which I had just too much to fit in one. On the right, aran on top and some projects on the bottom.
There are more projects in the two right bins here; the lower left is laceweight and bulky/superbulky, while the top left has bits and scraps, small amounts that may prove useful, and that I find decorative.
In the living room, there is sport on the top left, and worsted in both bottom squares.
All of it lovely and visible--well, some is behind doors, but easily accessible. It's an accomplishment that feels good to this knitter.

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  1. Very cool. I got a small cabinet like that from friends desperate to get rid of their late mother's things and I love opening the doors and seeing the yarn. Fun times.