Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weighing Numbers

As I have shown here in analysis of my headaches, and other things, I can get deeply into playing with numbers, something I myself find odd in my word-nerd, English-major-ness. I guess it isn't numbers I dislike, it's math, so maybe it isn't weird that I'm enjoying looking at numbers. Right?

What I'm looking at now is my weight. I have weighed myself erratically over the last few years, sometimes every week, other times months apart, but it gives at least something of an idea of trends. Which are upward.

Specifically, here is the chart from November 2012 through last October, which was the last time I weighed myself before I started swimming regularly for exercise.
A little bit down, and then slowly, inexorably, up. It wasn't just from getting laid off last June, either, I was gaining before that. Here's just the 2015 part:
Since then, though, while I haven't particularly lost weight, I have stayed pretty steady, within about a four-pound range. Here's the 2016 data added to the data from 2012.
I like the end of that one better. Of course I would like to lose some weight, so that for instance I could carry groceries in without needing to rest afterward, but before I can do that, I have to stop gaining, and for now I have. Baby steps.

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