Sunday, May 08, 2016

Fading Tulips

Today is just one of those days when I find life exhausting. It's fine, nothing bad happened, but I'm sighing a lot. I just finished paying the bills and balancing things, which always leaves me wondering how on earth I got put in charge of this task (I am the last person who should be). There's some sunshine outside, but it hasn't been a nice day. I'm just ... tired.

The tulips are on their last legs, too, but they do it beautifully. I noticed yesterday that they have different colors on the inside, at the base. Almost blue on this one!

So beautiful, so different. I've really enjoyed having them here, this past week, with the grey and the rain.

I finished the latest purse socks today, and as I cast on the next pair, I realized that the colors in it remind me of some from the tulips. It's this skein:
If you see what I mean.

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