Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Night, Fighting the Blahs

I'm fighting off a heavy case of the Monday-night-don't wannas, compounded by the realization that I need to call the plumber for the leak under the kitchen sink. Sigh. Where is the grown-up who is supposed to be in charge of such things?

Anyway, one thing is going well, knock wood. Yesterday I finished the edging section of the Puncia shawl, and pinned it out to see how it will look. That's the thing with lace knitting, you have to take it on faith because it looks like this when you work on it.
Not awful, but a bit lumpy and weird. But then a few pins, and viola.
Much better! Close up:
So far, so good. I went on a bit more after that, and so far (knock wood) it is going well. I'm a little nervous for this part, since I can't use stitch markers, which are my security blanket (the pattern travels a little on one row). However, this repeat is so narrow that I'm only doing one little thing over and over, and the return rows are purl, so it isn't too complicated. We'll see.

In other news, I finally made myself throw out the tulips, which have been dead for a while now. Even at the last, they were still pretty and interesting to look at.

Nature's art. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. Oh well.

Someone would like my attention now.
(I put the pepper there to see if he would be interested, and he put his paw on it when he stretched, but he wasn't so much into it. Still, I often see him sitting next to it, wherever it is, and it moves sometimes, so he's still at least a little into it.)

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