Thursday, August 21, 2014

Of Sweater Thoughts and the Blog

I wore my sweater to work today, the one I made, and was thinking about how I'll always remember when I made it*, because I finished it the night the Bruins won the Cup in 2011. And then, though I'm not usually all that superstitious, not seriously, I thought that perhaps I should make another sweater this season. I haven't made one since 2011, other than a few baby ones, and maybe ...
*I'd forgotten that Luongo joke. Now I'm giggling.

I'm kidding but not kidding. I do have more than a few sweaters marked on Ravelry as ones I might be interested in, most recently the Hitch Pullover that's in the autumn Interweave Knits, and maybe it's time to try again.

Meanwhile, I just took a picture of what Mary Ellen gave me last night, thanks again!
How awesome is that? My boy Patrice, on a poster exhorting one to read? It's half my blog name, right there.

And of course, this covers the other half:
My work here is done.


  1. The only thing that would make the poster better would be if we could each get ours autographed!!