Monday, August 25, 2014

In Lieu of (even more) Crankiess

There isn't really a reason why I'm suddenly in a really bad mood; does that ever happen to you? The phone rang and it was some crap call like I'm not supposed to get because I'm on the list that doesn't seem to stop the calls, and I wanted to answer it just to yell at them. (I didn't.) And while I was typing that, the cats had one of their exchanges, in which Carlos says "Mrp" as he has said approximately 67 bajillion times in the last week, which is driving me nuts by the way, especially in the middle of the night, and Belmont hissed at him, and I lost it and yelled at them and slapped my hand on the table and now my hand hurts.

So that's how it's going here and now. A passing thing, I know, and I hope you're doing better tonight. Meanwhile, here is a silly video.

Yes, it's another Call Me Maybe video, and no, it's not not new, but I just saw it, and I love how there's the cheerleaders on one side, being all seriously sultry, and on the other side we have the hockey players copying their moves. I needed that laugh tonight.

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  1. The hockey player who flips his helmet (while the cheerleader flips her hair)--that cracked me up. Must be challenging!